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Videos on Socialization

Socialize to the working environment
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Introduce English Setter Puppy to

Length: 1:39
Views: 2095
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Gentle Introduction and a Pleasan

Length: 2:15
Views: 1304
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In Town Socialization

Length: 1:12
Views: 1848
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Introducing Birds

Length: 2:40
Views: 1645
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Labrador Litter Goes to the Water

Length: 1:37
Views: 1360
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Socialzie Pups to their Future En

Length: 1:43
Views: 1615
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Group Play on the Water

Length: :54
Views: 1193
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Introducing an older puppy to the

Length: 1:29
Views: 1398
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Introduce Young Puppies to the Wa

Length: 2:23
Views: 2924