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Videos on teaching Obedience

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Retriever Training - Teaching a &

Length: 1:24
Views: 1966
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Casting, Place, Front Sit, Stay,

Length: 1:48
Views: 1760
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Obedience Training With Distracti

Length: 2:30
Views: 1540
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Teach your Puppy a Sit Stay

Length: 1:31
Views: 1563
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Teach Your Pup To Come When Calle

Length: 1:52
Views: 2842
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Not Luring - Targeting

Length: 1:06
Views: 1962
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Luring to Introduce new Actions f

Length: :53
Views: 1419
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Reward vs Luring- Ignore the Rewa

Length: 2:06
Views: 1650
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Puppy Training on Down - Ignore r

Length: 1:18
Views: 1153
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Teach your puppy to Down

Length: 1:02
Views: 2105