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How is "Mark and Reward" different from "Luring"

When you "Mark and Reward" you give a conditioned reward signal (Marker) then present a reinforcer after the puppy completes an action.

Video example of Not Luring Reward/targeting

In "Luring" the puppy on to a pallet the puppy follows the food on to the pallet then you give him the treat.

When you "Mark and Reward" the puppy goes on to the pallet on cue/command or on his own, you give a conditioned reinforcer to Mark the desired behavior and then you give the treat. 

In this system when you "Reward" the puppy is moving away from the treat to get the treat.

This is a huge difference in the puppy's mind and a major piece of the puzzle when using food and other reinforcers in training. 


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