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Raising Your Retriever Puppy for the Field or Competition

Raising Your Retriever Puppy


The Raising Your Retriever Puppy course will show ways you can develop drive, mold desirable character traits and instill a love of training and learning.

This program is aimed at puppies 7 weeks to 6 months. The information about how dogs learn is applicable to dogs of all ages. 

You will need one puppy, one collar, some string, Puppy bumpers, Dixie cups, tennis ball, hot dogs and a couple of puppy size pallets. (we'll explain each piece of equipment as you need it)


 What a student can expect to learn from this Course:

  • Introduction to how dogs learn
  • Understanding Luring for new behavior/responses
  • Understanding Rewarding
  • Using a verbal Marker or the Terminal Signal
  • Building retrieve drive
  • Beginning obedience
  • Beginning instruction on casting and lining
  • Introducing your pup to birds,
  • Introducing your pup to the gun.
  • Introducing your pup to the water
  • Beginning marks on land and water

As new sections are added they will be listed here. Click on any Section to see a list of pages in that section. 

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